Yellow Fourteen
Production information
Date destroyed

22 BBY[1]

Product line

B-1 battle droid[1]

Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era[1]


Trade Federation Droid Army[1]

"You're under arrest!"
—Yellow Fourteen after Jedi Master Jard Dooku introduced himself as a Republic ambassador[src]

Yellow Fourteen was a Trade Federation B-1 battle droid during the Invasion of Utapau. One of numerous battle droids guarding a number of Utapau Space Fighter Corps pilots after the Battle of Ogana, Yellow Fourteen was approached by Jedi Master Jard Dooku who introduced himself as an ambassador for Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum. Per the droid's pre-programmed orders, Yellow Fourteen attempted to arrest Dooku, only to be cut down by the Jedi's lightsaber.[1]

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