First Hutt War[1]


Hutt Civil War[1]


Second Cold War[1]

War of the Gods

12,977 BBY[1]


12,976 BBY[1]


Esstran sector[1]


Bogan Empire subjugation of the Esstran sector[1]

Major battles

Subjugation of Conscio, Subjugation of Thule, Subjugation of Ziost


Bogan Empire[1]

Various rebels[1]


Banik Kelrada[1]

The War of the Gods was a conflict in the Esstran sector during the period of the Great Hutt Wars. The war was fought between the conquering Bogan Empire and various rebel elements who opposed the Bogan's imperial domination. The rebels rejected the claim of Emperor Banik Kelrada that the Bogan were the descendants of the Sith King Adas and the Sith species, whom the people of the Esstran sector worshiped as gods. The war ended with the subjugations of Conscio, Thule, and Ziost, along with a number of other Esstran sector worlds.


Notes and referencesEdit

War of the Gods
(12,977 BBY12,976 BBY)
Galactic timeline

Previous: First Hutt War
(12,97912,978 BBY)

Next: Second Cold War
(12,97512,974 BBY)

Battles of the War of the Gods
Subjugation of Conscio · Subjugation of Thule · Subjugation of Ziost
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