Related events
Treaty of Ithoria

First Hutt War[1]

Date proposed

12,978 BBY[1]

Proposed by

Tusa Ujalli Hai[1]


Hutt Empire[1]

Galactic Republic[1]

Key individuals

Tusa Ujalli Hai[1]

Hisako Hoshiko[1]


The First Hutt War is brought to an end, and the Hutt Empire is declared the victor[1]

The Treaty of Ithoria was the peace treaty signed in 12,978 BBY by the Galactic Republic and the Hutt Empire that brought an end to the First Hutt War. The treaty was first proposed by the Hutt Emperor Tusa Ujalli Hai, who sought to re-focus his attention onto internal civil discord within the Hutt Empire. The Galactic Republic agreed to the terms of the treaty, including the Hutt demand that the Empire be claimed the victor in the war. The peace treaty was ultimately broken in 12,973 BBY when the Hutts moved to invade the Republic, sparking the Second Hutt War.



Notes and referencesEdit

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