The Alternative Essential
Guide to Characters
Cover artist

Squishy Vic[3]


Brandon Rhea[1]


Star Wars Fanon Wiki[1]

Publish date

November 14, 2009–present[2]



The Alternative Essential Guide to Characters is a reference book currently being written and edited by Brandon Rhea. Set to be published as an eBook on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, the book will include entries on a number of characters from the Alternative Star Wars Saga fan fiction series, a number of which will be written by guest contributors through the What's the Story? feature set up by Rhea. The first segments of the guide were released on November 14, 2009.

Production Edit

Brandon Rhea, author of The Alternative Essential Guide to Characters, began production on the reference book with the announcement of the Alternative Star Wars Saga What's the Story? contest on Star Wars Fanon, the Star Wars wiki of fan invention.[4] The contest will also be held on TheStarWarsRP.Com.[5] The inspiration behind this feature came from the canon What's The Story?, as well as Atarumaster88’s What's the (back)story? for the Force Exile Series.[4]

In Rhea's "What's the Story?" contest, users can submit entries for Alternative Saga characters of Rhea's choosing. The users would chronicle the character's story, most of it being prior to the character's appearance or mentioning in Rhea's novel, Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One. Rhea selects the entry he feels is the best, at which time it will be converted into the form of a reference book entry.[4]

The release of The Alternative Essential Guide to Characters was officially announced by Rhea on November 8, 2009, where he announced that it would be released as an eBook.[1] The first segments of the guide were released six days later, on November 14, 2009.[2] A cover, created by Alternative Saga artist Squishy Vic, was released on November 22, 2009.[3]

Story Edit

The Alternative Essential Guide to Characters is written from the in-universe perspective of Duseuso, a high-ranking historian in the Order of the Whills. Hoping to document information about lesser-known individuals who helped shape the history of the galaxy, Duseuso began to research the figures in order to record their stories in the Journal of the Whills, which he did after many decades of compiling the information.[3]

Segments Edit

Rhea began releasing the guide in segments on November 14, 2009. A full version is also available to download.[2] The individual segments are as follows:

Appearances Edit

Notes and references Edit

The Alternative Saga has a collection of images and media related to The Alternative Essential Guide to Characters.

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