Star Wars: Betrayal

Wayne Lipman III[1]

Publication information
Release date

To be announced


Fan fiction[1]


Old Republic era[1]


Alternative Star Wars Saga[1]

Star Wars: Betrayal is an upcoming Alternative Star Wars Saga novel scheduled to be written by Wayne Lipman III. A prequel to Star Wars: The Alderaan Affair, the novel will explore Darth Traya's relationship to Epin Lanmaw and his family. Reaction to the novel's announcement was met with cautious optimism from Star Wars photo novel author Andrew Barton, who remarked that if Kreia's portrayal is handled properly then the novel "will be great."[1] Barton also felt that the choice of the title was fitting due to Kreia being the Lord of Betrayal.[2]

Notes and referencesEdit

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