Sadvo Lanmaw
Biographical information

40 BBY



Physical description

Human [1]


Male [1]

Hair color

Blonde [1]

Eye color


Chronological and political information
Real-world information

Sadvo Lanmaw, was a Human male and former Jedi Knight[2], who resided on Alderaan. He was the husband of Lania Lanmaw, and the father of Epin, and Rena Lanmaw.[1]


Early LifeEdit

Sadvo was cast out of the Jedi Order, along with a fellow Padawan, for using the Jedi Archives to practice the Dark Side.[2]

Later LifeEdit

Sadvo took up a life on Alderaan as a Nerf farmer with his wife Lania. The two had twins and named them Epin and Rena. Sadvo acted extremely cruelly toward his son Epin, tasking him with doing both his and his sister Rena's chores. He favored Rena over Epin, and would often beating him, with the justification of teaching Epin how to be a man.[1]

One afternoon, after making a delivery to Aldera Palace, Sadvo questioned Epin as to his interest in Princess Leia. When Epin responded excitedly, stating he liked being around her, Sadvo beat Epin and kicked him down a hill.[2]


Star Wars: The Alderaan Affair (First appearance)

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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