Ruto Graven
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House of Arcadia[1]

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Rise of the Empire era[1]

"Minister Graven has been arrested and likely faces execution."
Hugo Eckener reports on Graven's situation during a meeting of the Veermok Resistance[src]

Ruto Graven was the Assistant Minister of Internal Affairs of Utapau during the Trade Federation's blockade and subsequent invasion of the planet in 22 BBY. After the Federation invaded and occupied Ogana, the planet's capital city, Graven was captured by Federation forces and was believed to have been facing execution. Before learning of Graven's arrest, Ogana Governor Sio Bibble had hoped that Graven would consider joining him and other members of the Utapau Advisory Council in founding the Veermok Resistance, a rebel group that would launch insurgent strikes against the Federation occupation forces.[1]


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