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Attack on the Ophuchi sanctuary[1]

Raid on Jabba's Anchorhead fortress

Invasion of Utapau[1]


22 BBY[1]


Anchorhead fortress, Anchorhead, Tatooine[1]


Ophuchi Clan military victory, resulting in the partial destruction of the fortress; Hutt Cartel strategic victory, as the Ophuchi goals were not met[1]


Ophuchi Clan[1]

Hutt Cartel[1]



"If the Chosen One isn't going to free himself, then we're going to do it for him."

The raid on Jabba's Anchorhead fortress took place during the Invasion of Utapau in 22 BBY.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The attack on Jabba the Hutt's fortress was conceived by Brandon Rhea for his fan fiction novel Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One, part of the Alternative Star Wars Saga. In the first draft of the book, the sequence to have Annikin Skywalker freed from the sharecropping contract was a swoop race. As the second draft progressed, however, Rhea realized that it would not make sense for Skywalker to participate in the swoop race, as his character was at a place where he did not want to leave Tatooine. Rhea created the fortress battle both to introduce an exciting element in the Tatooine arc and as a catalyst for Skywalker leaving Tatooine.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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