Padric Bac II
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c. 3,960 BBY[1]

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Galactic Republic[1]

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Old Republic era[1]

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Rob Lowe

Padric Bac II was the Galactic Senator of Alderaan circa 3,960 BBY. He and his wife, Alderaanian Princess Talia Antilles, were killed around that same year, leaving their son, Ussej Padric Bac, an orphan.


Padric Bac II was born a member of the Bac political dynasty of Alderaan, descending from individuals such as Supreme Chancellor Jonathan Bac and Jedi Knight Adrian Bac. After pursuing a career in politics, he was elected to the Galactic Senate to represent Alderaan.[1]

As a Senator, Padric was married to Talia Antilles, the Princess of Alderaan. Together they had a son, Ussej Padric Bac. Circa 3,960 BBY, Padric and his wife were killed, leaving Ussej as an orphan. He was taken into the Jedi Order after their death and went on to become a Jedi Knight,[1] a Bendu Knight, and, ultimately, the Shaman of the Whills.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Padric Bac II is a character created by author Brandon Rhea for the backstory of Ussej Padric Bac. The character was first mentioned in 2005 on TheStarWarsRP.Com as part of the original role-playing profile of Ussej Padric Bac. Padric was called Padric Bac. He and his wife, Talia Bac, were both poor, so they allowed their son to be taken into the Jedi Order.[3] This backstory was later changed when Rhea chose to make Padric Bac II a Galactic Senator and the husband of the Princess of Alderaan.[1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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