Jedi Enclave on Alderaan
General information



Old Republic era[1]


The Jedi Enclave on Alderaan was a teaching facility operated by the Jedi Order a few dozen kilometers north of Aldera, the planet's capital city. It was originally operated by members of an Alderaanian religious community.


For hundreds of years, the Jedi Enclave on Alderaan operated as a sanctuary for an Alderaanian religious community. In the years prior to the Hutt War, the planet stopped using the sanctuary for all purposes. Then-Galactic Senator Alcor Bac of Alderaan, knowing that the Jedi were looking to establish a facility on the planet, negotiated for the Jedi Order to be given full use of the sanctuary for training purposes.[1]

The Jedi moved trainees and masters into the new Jedi Enclave and established a Jedi Council to oversee the workings of the monastery.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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