"I think it might have the answers to who you are and where you came from."
Cliegg Lars after showing the japor snippet to his stepson, Annikin Skywalker[src]

The japor snippet was a pendant carved as a traditional Tatooine sand symbol, one that had been used by settlers on the planet for thousands of years, from japor ivory wood. In the center of the carving was the symbol of a small dove that was shackled to the ground.[1]

The snippet was given to Shmi Skywalker by a hermit leader named Sarus in 41 BBY, just after Shmi gave birth to her son, Annikin Skywalker. She chose not to tell her son about it, fearing that it may lead to him being exploited due to his sensitivity to the Force, but she did tell Skywalker's stepfather, Cliegg Lars, who also promised to keep the pendant a secret. He kept this promise until 22 BBY, when he told Skywalker about the pendant after the boy met Sarus in the Anchorhead settlement and learned about his destiny.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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