Jango Fett
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Rise of the Empire era[1]

Windy: "Who was the original host?"
Lama Su: "A businessman named Jango Fett."
Mace Windy and Lama Su discuss the clone army[src]

Jango Fett was a male businessman and a suspected member of the Mandalorian Clans. According to Kaminoan Supreme Leader Lama Su, Fett operated his company, the Fett Consortium, on a number of planets throughout the galaxy, though Jedi Master Mace Windy, who was investigating Fett's involvement in the creation of the clone army, was unable to confirm whether the company existed.[1]

Prior to 22 BBY, Fett was handpicked by Sido-Dyas, who claimed to be a Jedi Master, to be the host of the clone army Sido-Dyas had ordered for the Republic. The Kaminoans preferred having a Jedi Knight as the host, but Sido-Dyas insisted on Fett. At the behest of Jedi Grandmaster Yoda, Mace Windy later agreed to arrest Fett for questioning in regards to the army.[1]


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