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Rise of the Empire era[1]

Hugo Eckener was the Chief Architect of Utapau, a member of Queen Sabé Arcadia's Advisory Council, and a founding member of the Veermok Resistance. During the Invasion of Utapau, Eckener joined Ogana Governor Sio Bibble, political and economic adviser Horace Vancil, and Lieutenant Chamberlyn in founding the Veermok Resistance, a rebel movement that would launch insurgent strikes against the Trade Federation occupation forces. The Resistance was officially founded on the first night of the Rebellion in Ogana.[1]

Eckener's reason for co-founding the Veermok Resistance was his regret over the damage that was being done to Ogana, the planet's capital city, and the rest of Utapau. As the Chief Architect, he was tasked with protecting the planet's art, history, and architecture, while also continuing the expansion of civic life. He felt remorse over the damage that was being done to the art and architecture in a way that had not been seen since the Battle of Utapau during the Great Sovereign Crusades in 3,522 BBY. He hoped that history would treat him better than he felt it did Raul Obiurgo, the Chief Architect during the Great Sovereign Crusades who took his own life due to regret over what happened during the Battle of Utapau.[1]


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