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Grand Hutt
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Old Republic era[1]


Hutt Empire[1]

The Grand Hutt, officially serving as Hutt Chairman, prior to the Hutt War was a diplomatic rival of the Galactic Republic as the Republic began expanding its territory into the Mid Rim, towards the Outer Rim Territories. This Hutt summoned a number of Hutts, including Gorrbag, to Nal Hutta to deal with the diplomatic crisis. He was eventually assassinated by Gorrbag.


In 12,999 BBY, the Alsakan Crisis between the Galactic Republic and the Alsakan Union came to a close with the defeat of the Union. The Republic, seeking new allies and territories, began expanding its influence and border into the Mid Rim of the galaxy. The Hutt Empire, under the leadership of the Grand Hutt, saw this as an act of aggression against their power in the Outer Rim Territories.

The Grand Hutt summoned a number of Hutts to Nal Hutta to deal with the diplomatic crisis. He relayed the Empire's belief that the Republic was pushing into the Mid Rim in order to move closer to and eventually colonize the Outer Rim, which the Hutts held a monopoly over; the Republic, however, had no intention of doing so. Under the Grand Hutt's leadership, the Hutts spent years attempting to keep the Republic away from Hutt territory, though the Republic continued its expansionary policy.[1]

Gorrbag, one of the Hutt's who had been summoned to Nal Hutta, grew dissatisfied with the Grand Hutt's leadership. Gorrbag decided that he alone was the rightful Hutt to deal with the Republic, so he planted a bomb in the Grand Hutt's food. The bomb exploded, assassinating the Grand Hutt, and Gorrbag took control of the Hutt Empire. Under Gorrbag's leadership, the Hutt Empire went to war with the Republic in 12,978 BBY.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Grand Hutt was briefly mentioned on TheStarWarsRP.Com as the leader of the Hutt Empire. The individual's only mentioning thus far is in the fourth timeline character profile of Gorrbag the Hutt.[1]

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