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Galactic Senate[1]

The Armed Services Committee was a long-standing committee in the Galactic Senate tasked with providing oversight to the Galactic Republic military. In 12,978 BBY, the committee held hearings on the Battle of Ando Prime, in which the Republic failed to achieve its objectives and was badly beaten by the combined forces of the Dark Jedi of the Bogan, the Hutt Empire, and Jade Armada.[2]

Thousands of years later, after the Ruusan Reformations, the committee was tasked with overseeing the Judicial Forces of the Galactic Republic. During the Invasion of Utapau, the Armed Services Committee published a report stating that the cloners on the planet Kamino were creating a clone army to invade the Republic. Jedi Master Mace Windy agreed to travel to Kamino to validate the reports.[1]

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