This article is about a battle during the Hutt Civil War. You may be looking for other battles on Tatooine.

Attempted Hutt Coup of 12,977 BBY[1]


First Battle of Nar Bo Sholla[1]

First Battle of Tatooine

Hutt Civil War[1]


12,977 BBY[1]




Gorrbag victory[1]


Gorrbag-led rebels[1]

Tusa-led loyalists[1]



Tusa Ujalli Hai[1]

The First Battle of Tatooine was a battle during the Hutt Civil War waged between the rebel forces of Gorrbag and the loyalist forces of Hutt Emperor Tusa Ujalli Hai on Tatooine. Prior to the battle, Gorrbag had gained control over Tatooine, bringing it into his rebel force.[1]

Once Tusa attacked Tatooine, Gorrbag successfully repelled Tusa's attempt to retake the planet. This was part of a year's worth of fighting that saw no progress by either Gorrbag or Tusa's forces. By the end of 12,976 BBY, however, Tusa launched a second battle at Tatooine in which he successfully reclaimed the planet.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The First Battle of Tatooine was mentioned in a proposal for a time skip in the fourth timeline of TheStarWarsRP.Com, however it was never role-played as it took place between the role-playing of the First Hutt War and the Second Hutt War.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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