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"Make my death mean something."
—Emmanuel asks Annikin Skywalker to not let him die in vain[src]

Emmanuel was a male Human member of the Ophuchi Clan during the Invasion of Utapau. He was chosen as a member of the Ophuchi strike team that attacked the fortress of Jabba the Hutt in 22 BBY. During the battle, Emmanuel was mortally wounded. He died in the presence of Annikin Skywalker, whom he asked to make sure he did not die in vain.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Emmanuel was born on Tatooine in 41 BBY into the Ophuchi Clan of religious hermits. As an Ophuchi, Emmanuel lived in the Clan’s sanctuary in the Dune Sea. When he was older, Emmanuel married and had a daughter with his wife.[1]

Death Edit

"'re with us."
—Emmanuel as he was approached by Annikin Skywalker during the attack on Jabba's fortress[src]

In 22 BBY, Emmanuel was chosen to be a member of the strike team that would attack the fortress of Jabba the Hutt in Anchorhead. The goal of the operation, organized by Ophuchi leader Sarus, was to force Jabba’s domo, Bib Fortuna, into releasing Annikin Skywalker from his family’s sharecropping contract so he could leave Tatooine and become a member of the Jedi Order. As Emmanuel and the other strike team members were told, however, Skywalker would not be part of the operation, as he had rejected Sarus’ previous attempt to have him released from his contract.[1]

After launching the attack, under the command of the Ophuchi commander Ray'kele, Emmanuel became part of the Zerek fighting squad. During the assault, he remained in one spot for too long as he fired. Because of this, he was shot multiple times in the chest. As the remainder of the Ophuchi continued their assault, Emmanuel was left behind, though Ray'kele promised that he would be alright and would return for him.[1]

Shortly thereafter, Skywalker entered the fortress, along with stepfather and stepbrother, in an effort to stop the attack from continuing. They encountered Emmanuel, who instantly recognized Skywalker. As he laid dying, Emmanuel was comforted when Skywalker told him that he had come to save him, though Emmanuel realized it was not true. His final thoughts were of his wife and daughter. He died after asking Skywalker to make sure his death meant something.[1]

Behind the scenes Edit

Emmanuel is a character created by Brandon Rhea for his fan fiction novel Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One. The name Emmanuel, derived from Immanuel, is a Hebrew name meaning "God is with us." This name and its meaning was the inspiration for the character of Emmanuel, particularly when he says "you're with us" when Annikin Skywalker, the supposed galactic savior and vessel for the Force, approaches him in the Anchorhead fortress.[2]

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