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"Adventure and excitement are not our ways. We live to serve all beings."
—Ben Kenobi[src]

Ben Kenobi was a Jedi Knight during the Invasion of Utapau. Through the course of the conflict, he and a group of other individuals from the Galactic Republic, such as Sabé Arcadia and Logan Amator, arrived on Tatooine while on the run from the Trade Alliance, the invasion force on Utapau. He carried with him a secret that would shake the beliefs about the galaxy of those he met on Tatooine.[1]

His primary goal was to leave Tatooine as soon as he could, though he became involved with Michael Lars, the Ophuchi Clan, and the destiny of the Chosen One. Through this, he realized that the conflict on Utapau was only part of a much larger conflict that threatened to destroy the entire galaxy.[1]


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