The Bac family was a Force-sensitive bloodline of Humans dating back prior to the formation of the Galactic Republic, and existing into the early days of the New Republic. The family was made up of politicians, Jedi, and Bendu, among other professions. It had three Supreme Chancellors of the Galactic Republic: Jonathan Bac was the Republic's first Supreme Chancellor and one of the signers of the Galactic Constitution; Relana Isolde Tanoor, the wife of Artemis Bac and mother of Adrian Bac, was the Chancellor during the Alsakan Crisis until her assassination in 13,000 BBY; Alcor Bac became Supreme Chancellor four years after Tanoor's death. The most notable member of the Bac family was Ussej Padric Bac, who served as a Jedi Knight, Bendu Knight, and, ultimately, the Shaman of the Whills.


Early historyEdit

The earliest known member of the Bac family of Alderaan was Conrad Bac. Conrad and his wife had a son, Jonathan Bac, sometime prior to Conrad’s assassination on Onderon. Jonathan went on to join the navy of Alderaan’s Organian Empire. He went on to became an admiral, during which time he was able to work with the Order of the Jedi Bendu and become an ambassador to the Coalition of Planets.[1]

Jonathan fought in the Unification War. During the last battle of the war, he helped defeat the Anarchic Brotherhood of Planets. Once the war ended, he helped draft a Galactic Constitution for one united, galactic government. When the document was signed, Jonathan became the first Supreme Chancellor of the new Galactic Republic, serving for eight years before retiring to Alderaan.[1]

The Old RepublicEdit

Thousands of years later, the Bac family continued to be one of politicians. During the Alsakan Crisis of 13,000 BBY, Alcor Bac served as the Galactic Senator of Alderaan. His cousin, military officer Artemis Bac, was married to Supreme Chancellor Relana Isolde Tanoor of the Force-sensitive Tanoor bloodline. Artemis and Relana had one son, Adrian Bac, prior to Artemis’ disappearance during the Battle of Coruscant and Relana’s assassination. Adrian fell into the care of Alcor, who, along with his then-late wife, had two children, Ahdama and Analia.[2]

Alcor became Supreme Chancellor of the Republic four years after Relana’s death, and he continued to raise her son. It was eventually determined that Adrian was Force-sensitive, so Alcor allowed the Jedi Order[2]—which, along with the Bendu Order, had replaced the splintered Order of the Jedi Bendu thousands of years earlier[4]—to adopt Adrian and train him as a Jedi.[2]

During his administration, Alcor formed Sector 13, a covert Republic intelligence organization that answered only to the Supreme Chancellor. He also began expanding the Republic’s reach into the Mid Rim of the galaxy, prompting the Hutt Empire to believe the Republic was preparing to invade its space. This ultimately gave rise to the Hutt War in 12,979 BBY, when Alcor was a retired, private citizen. Adrian was active as a Jedi Knight during the Hutt War.[2]


Adrian’s Force-sensitive bloodline continued on for millennia,[3] though his family continued to be one of politicians. Padric Bac was the Senator of Alderaan during the Mandalorian Wars. He and his wife, Alderaanian Princess Talia Antilles, had one son, Ussej Padric Bac, before the two were assassinated. Ussej was taken into the Jedi Order and put under the tutelage of Jedi Master Brarh Kefle. The two hid from the Sith on Corellia after the fragmentation of the Jedi Order in the aftermath of the Jedi Civil War.[5]

In the decades that followed, after the Order rebuilt itself, Ussej fought during the Great Territorial War, nearly falling to the dark side in his quest for a group of ancient relics. During the war, he met and fell in love with Laili Jeyna Rendar, and the two settled on Kal'Shabbol in the Unknown Regions when the war ended.[5] They had a son, Ussej Padric Bac II, whom they raised on the planet. Ussej died on the planet, but he transcended reality and became the Shaman of the Whills, allowing him to watch over and protect the timeline of the galaxy.[4]

The Bac line continued after Ussej’s death with Ussej Padric Bac III. Carden Mannux, one of the forefathers of the Guardians of Lettow, created a binary clone of Ussej Padric Bac III and Isabella Dashin, whom he named Damien Starkiller. Starkiller became the first leader of the Guardians of Lettow.[4]

As this was happening, Ussej Padric Bac continued on as the Shaman of the Whills, doing so for thousands of years. He helped re-organize the fragmented Ophuchi Clan on Tatooine in 922 BBY, where he led them back to their sanctuary and told them of their destinies. He spoke with multiple Ophuchi leaders throughout the centuries that followed.[4]


Ussej attempted to stop the galaxy-ending Apocalypse from beginning in 41 BBY by trying to prevent the death of Darth Plagueis—formerly his best friend, Jedi Grandmaster Damien Nightblade—and the ascension of Plagueis’ apprentice as Dark Lord of the Sith. He failed and the Apocalypse began shortly thereafter.[6] He helped watch over Annikin Skywalker, the supposed Chosen One who could end the Apocalypse and defeat the Sith forever, into the Invasion of Utapau in 22 BBY.[4]


The Bac family’s history was recorded into the Journal of the Whills, an archive of galactic history kept by the Order of the Whills on Ashlan Four. Ussej was responsible for documenting some of it, such as his interactions with Annikin Skywalker during the Invasion of Utapau and the Clone Wars. Ussej Padric Bac LXIV, a descendant of the shaman, was also documented in the Journal of the Whills.[4]

Family treeEdit

    Conrad Bac + Jonathan Bac's mother
         Jonathan Bac + Unidentified female
              Unknown generations----------------------------------------------+
                      |                                                        |
Unknown female + Artemis Bac's father                                Alcor Bac's father + Unknown female
               |                                                                        |
         Artemis Bac + Relana Isolde Tanoor (see Tanoor family)                     Alcor Bac + Alcor Bac's wife
                     |                                                                        |
                 Adrian Bac + Qailan Idani                                            +-------+-------+ 
                     |                                                                |               |
                     |                                                            Ahdam Bac       Analia Bac
            Unknown generations
              Padric Bac II + Talia Antilles (see Antilles family)
                    Ussej Padric Bac + Laili Jeyna Rendar (see Rendar family)
                          Ussej Padric Bac II + Unidentified female
             Unidentified female + Ussej Padric Bac III + Isabella Dashin (via cloning)
                                 |                      |
                                 |             Damien Starkiller (binary clone)
                         Unknown generations
                        Ussej Padric Bac LXIV

Behind the scenesEdit



Notes and referencesEdit

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