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Antidar Williams' father
Biographical information

c. 23 BBY[1]

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Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era[1]

The father of Antidar Williams was a male transport captain from Barkesh in the years before the Clone Wars. His primary cargo was the Barkesh Insect Culture bug repellent, which his vessel shipped throughout the Outer Rim Territories. Throughout his career, he fended off a number of pirate raiders from his ship. His son, searching for adventure, became a member of his crew in 35 BBY, serving for nine years before receiving his father's blessing to join the Galactic Republic Judicial Forces.[1]

Antidar's father died circa 23 BBY. Having received an honorary discharge from the Judicial Forces after the Yinchorri Uprising, Antidar returned home and took over his father's business. He served as captain of the vessel for nearly a year before his death during the Invasion of Utapau.[1]


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