Whether you're new or a returning face, there are plenty of things to do here at the Alternative Saga wiki. This page outlines a few projects you could consider working on if you ever find yourself not knowing what to edit next. Note that this list of suggestions may be subject to change.

Wanted pagesEdit

Not every Alternative Saga subject has a page yet. A good way of knowing which ones don’t is to look at the wanted pages, which is essentially a list of red links. Feel free to fill in some of those red links, just be sure you source the articles!

Wanted categoriesEdit

Like wanted pages, sometimes there are wanted categories too. Feel free to fill in some of these red link categories!

Add imagesEdit

Sometimes images may be available from an official Alternative Saga source but they haven’t been added to a page yet. To place an image in an article, first upload it if it has not already been uploaded, and be sure it’s sourced and licensed. Here is the list of uploaded files and here the gallery of the most recent files, which you can also use to add images into pages.

Source an articleEdit

If an article hasn’t been sourced, feel free to find it in the list here and add a proper source. Or, if the information can’t be verified, be sure to remove it, or tag it for speedy deletion.

Expand a stubEdit

Some Alternative Saga wiki articles are stubs, namely placeholder articles that require expansion. You can greatly help to improve the wiki by today!

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