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The purpose of the wiki is to be a comprehensive encyclopedia for all things Alternative Saga and TheStarWarsRP.Com

The mission of the Alternative Star Wars Saga wiki is to be a comprehensive encyclopedia on all things related to the Alternative Star Wars Saga, which includes the third and fourth timelines of TheStarWarsRP.Com.

Subject matterEdit

Articles that can be found on the wiki document a number of different subjects. These subjects include characters such as Annikin Skywalker, governments such as the Galactic Republic, religions such as the Jedi Order, planets such as Tae'Sha, as well as vehicles, weapons, droids, cities, and anything else you can think of that has appeared in the canon of the Alternative Saga.

The wiki is not, however, meant to document any other fan fiction series unless such a series has a direct link to the Alternative Star Wars Saga. The authors and contributors to the Alternative Saga fully support and endorse the efforts of other fan fiction authors to write alternate universe tales set in the Star Wars galaxy, and we encourage those authors to create wikis for their fiction as well.

Outreach effortsEdit

In addition to documenting Alternative Saga information, it is the goal of this wiki to spread the word about the Alternative Saga and bring it to the attention of more readers. Writers should never write simply for the sake of accolades or attention, but it is still important to ensure that there is a base of readers that is sustained and also expands in order to keep interest in the series.

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