Alsakan Restoration Movement
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Historical information
Formed from

Alsakan Union


Circa. 12,999 BBY

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Old Republic era

The Alsakan Restoration Movement was an organization made up of the remnants of the Alsakan Union, a religious government destroyed by its own military at the end of the Alsakan Crisis between the Union and the Galactic Republic. While many Alsakans came to believe that their religion was false and subsequently assimilated into Republic society, many individuals were still angry at the Republic, who they blamed for the devastation of the planet Alsakan, and still believed in the old ways. The Alsakan Resistance Movement was the result of this, as were a number of other similar organizations, although the Republic did not publicly consider them a threat.[1]

Nevertheless, there were elements of the Republic that did consider the Alsakan Restoration Movement a threat. In 12,995 BBY, Supreme Chancellor Alcor Bac ordered the creation of Sector 13, a cover intelligence agency that the Republic would deny existed. Sector 13 was tasked with putting an end to potential separatist and anti-Republic sentiments across the Republic, many of those ideas coming from groups such as the Alsakan Restoration Movement.[2]

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