Sith King Adas
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c. 27,700 BBY

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Adas' Sith Empire

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Pre-Republic era

"There’s an ancient legend on these worlds that speaks of a great king called Adas who ruled an empire there."
Banik Kelrada, in reference to the Esstran sector[src]

Adas was a Sith King who ruled an empire from around 30,700 BBY to 27,000 BBY.


Reign and fallEdit

Around 30,700 BBY, the Sith King Adas amassed an empire that included worlds such as Thule and Ziost in the Esstran sector. His species was dominant amongst the others of his empire, and they ruled over civilizations on a number of worlds in the Outer Rim Territories.[1]

Three centuries later, circa 27,000 BBY, the Infinite Empire of the Rakatans invaded Adas' empire; the Rakatans defeated and killed Adas, and the Sith species retreated from their imperial holdings and ultimately settled on Korriban. The invading Rakatans later died off, leaving the civilizations Adas left behind to continue to grow on their own.[1]


Thousands of years later, in the aftermath of the Alsakan Crisis, Banik Kelrada discovered these civilizations and information about Adas, who was remembered as a legend. Kelrada, having taken command of the Dark Jedi of the Bogan in 12,978 BBY, announced his intention to subjugate Adas' former worlds.[1]



Notes and referencesEdit

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